Skåne, generally associated with endless open fields and wide, flat horizons, is Sweden’s southernmost region and one of northern Europe´s richest farming districts. With just a short drive across the bridge to Copenhagen, it’s also a vibrant and attractive part of Europe.


The Öresund Bridge (Credits: Silvia Man/

Here, you are close to everything from bustling city life to small picturesque towns and a captivating rural landscape. People from all over the world meet here and together create a unique identity of Skåne. The Malmö area alone is home to 150 different nationalities making this city, the third largest in Sweden, an exciting meeting place for thoughts and ideas.

Also, Malmö is home to some truly homey restaurants like the newly opened “Tryne till Knorr”, B.A.R and Belle Epoque. The best lunch in town is served at Saltimporten Canteen where chefs Sebastian Persson and Ola Rudin create excellent food with great character and distinction based on produce from the south of Sweden.

Bastard in Malmö serves modern European cuisine on a menu that change daily, but the food at Bastard is just part of the overall experience – it’s full-to-the-brim with intuitive good taste, simplicity and the love of food pervading throughout the service and interior; white wall tiles, vintage school posters, shabby-chic tables and classic wooden chairs – and guests that appreciate uncomplicated, high quality food.

To call Skåne and its south-eastern region Österlen ‘Sweden’s Tuscany’ is a cliché but the landscape really is a beautiful roll of undulating hills, it’s lush green most of the year, and the soil produces fruits and vegetables of outstanding quality. Asparagus, apples, herbs and root vegetables flourish in the rich soils of the area, and small-scale producers of ecological pork, young roosters, honey and charcuterie are thriving.

Kiviksås, Skåne

Österlen (Credits: Conny Fridh/

Daniel Berlin, winner of the Young Chef of the Year Award at the 2011 edition of the San Pellegrino Cooking Cup in Venice, has long and established relationships with local producers of dairy products, meat and vegetables in Österlen. In the tiny village of Skåne-Tranås he runs a restaurant together with his mother and father. His father’s responsibilities include cheese selection from nearby Vilhelmsdal dairy farm, and his mother manages their planted fields of herbs, berries, peas, beans, radishes and the greenhouse for tomatoes. Daniel Berlin is internationally tipped as the natural heir to Rene Redzepi, the chef who created Noma and one of the worlds most talked about restaurants during the last years.

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