Fäviken Magasinet

Just north of Åre – Sweden’s largest alpine ski resort – and the small Jämtland village of Järpen, lies the restaurant Fäviken Magasinet, run by renowned chef Magnus Nilsson.


Here you will find a different restaurant with a kitchen unlike most others, where the Nordic cuisine is in its most extreme, challenging and fun way without using molecular cooking or water baths. The cuisine based on what Magnus and his team forage, farm and hunt locally and from their own estate.

The restaurant caters for only 12 people each evening having a menu that is the same for all guests. Each dish is served to all the guests at the same time, introduced by Magnus himself. Some dishes involve use of traditional implements such as nineteenth-century ice-cream churn or an old sourdough bread basket, which is still used for proving the dough.

Some of Magnus signature dishes include wild trout’s roe served in a crust of dried pigs blood, a scallop that has been cooked in its own shell, langoustine with almost burnt cream, marrow with dices of raw cows heart and the whisked duck egg with raspberry jam.

Fäviken Magasinet offers one of the world’s most headstrong, authentic and ingenious culinary experiences and is probably the most talked about restaurants in international food media today – ranked 34 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurant list.

Below find some pictures from my dinner here yesterday. More pictures can be found here.

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Wild trouts roe served in a crust of dried pigs blood


Salted herring aged for three years, sour cream and rusks


Scallop ”i skalet ur elden” cooked over burning juniper bransches


Mackerel steamed with flowering leek, sauce made from the leek tops


Cod brushed with honey and fried in a dry pan, carrot cooked in whey, spruce and ättika vinegar


Barley pancake filled with sour onion and sprouting barley


Marrow, dices of raw cows heart, flower petals, toasts and herb salt


Oxtail, birdsfot trefoil and the leftovers from Magnus beer project


An egg yolk preserved in sugar syrup on a pile of crumbs made from pine tree bark, ice cream seasoned with meadowsweet


Snus fermented in a used bitter barrel


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