A new generation of brewers

The microbrewery trend in Stockholm and across the country has reached new heights during the last year. The most talked about beer right now is brewed by a new generation of brewers where innovation and experimentation has replaced old traditions.

Located in a former bakery in Hökarängen south of Stockholm you will find one of Sweden’s smallest commercial breweries, PangPang Brewery. Brewer Fredrik Silver Tunedal is personally involved at every single stage of his beers, from creating recipes and label artwork to filling bottles and delivering them to his growing group of customers.

PangPangNY photo credit johan soderlund www.alltomstockholm.se

Photo credit: Johan Söderlund (www.alltomstockholm.se)

Here the philosophy is to go the long way round and deliver a product that no one else has the power to produce. In other words nothing is ever done practical, easily or economically. Fredrik’s ambition is simply to convey an experience that goes beyond taste.

One of my favourite beers as of today comes from another small brewery called STHLM Brewing Co. Their Indian Pale Ale is brewed with the finest malted barley and a small amount of wheat, crafted by hand in small batches and neither fined, filtered or pasteurized in order to give the outmost flavour. Carefully selected hops are added to give aroma and a balanced bitterness.


New microbreweries are emerging all the time in Stockholm and the demand for their handcrafted brewed beer just grows and grows. Here’s a list on some of them. Make sure you try it if you get a chance!

Gamla Enskede Bryggeri
Monk’s Café
PangPang Brewery
Solsidans bryggeri
St Eriks Bryggeri
Sthlm Brewing Company
Södra Maltfabriken

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  1. Jörgen

    Har du tips på vart vi hittar restauranger och
    matställen i Paris värda att besöka.
    Mer nytt och spännande än finedining
    Med vänlig hälsning, Jörgen


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