Get ready for a tasty Swedish summer

Sweden is a great culinary nation. Our cuisine, and worldwide interest in it, has grown exponentially over the last years. Good food begins in the forest, the sea and on the fields. From north to south there are enthusiasts who are passionate about their regions and culinary treasures; the natural ingredients, tasty dishes and innovative food products.

I want to share with you the finest Swedish ingredients and flavours as I will travel the country this summer to taste and explore our food culture during the following five weeks. I will travel with young, talented and passionate people from the restaurant industry. We will meet with the incredible food enthusiasts across our country, and introduce them to you. I’m eager to taste and learn, and I can’t wait to share this with you!

At five different locations we will “try Swedish” and serve the most delicious Swedish food and drinks imaginable in our pop-up restaurant called The Food Bar. Come and meet with us and the Swedish food enthusiast and try some of the very best produce this country has to offer. Our aim is to share knowledge and passion for food, drinks and experiences and perhaps even hope in our road trip called Mitt Kök: Sverigeresan, which basically means “My Kitchen: The Swedish Tour”.

27-30 June: Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia

3-6 July: Östersund, close to the wilderness

10-13 July: Gothenburg, world-class seafood

17-20 July: Falkenberg, sea and long sandy beaches

24-27 July: Helsingborg, the Pearl of The Sound

Our first stop will be in Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city that spreads out over 14 islands in Lake Mälaren and looks out to the Baltic Sea to the east. Stockholm has one of the world’s largest archipelagos with 35,000 islands (which are best to be experienced by travelling by ferry from island to island) where one can find many restaurant and inns, as well as food destinations such as fish smokehouses, distilleries, sausage makers and bakeries.


Skeppsbron – Stockholms oldest dock (Credits: Ola Ericson/

In Stockholm you will also find one of Europe´s most dynamic and lively foodie scenes, and one of the world leaders in Nordic cuisine with its clean and simple yet creative cooking. Covered are everything from internationally acclaimed restaurants to innovative street food, gastro pub’s, Swedish classics and food halls attracting international headlines and food lovers from all over the world. The recent restaurant hype here has simply resulted in a great number of new places to indulge in good food, drinks and socializing.

An increasing number of restaurants in Stockholm choose to work with their own gardens, located at home or outside Stockholm, and have exclusive relationships with farms and fishermen in order to be involved in the whole process with ingredients. Many of these restaurants serve beer from micro and nano breweries located in Stockholm city.

Leading the way is Björn Frantzén who in a short period of time has moved on to offering one of the very top food and restaurant experiences there is to find in the world today. His Restaurant Frantzén, located in Stockholm’s Old Town, has been awarded two Michelin-stars and is currently ranked number 12 on The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants list. A daily delivery from the restaurants very own gardens forms the basis of their creativity.


”Satio Tempestas” – flavours of the season – Björn Frantzéns signature dish

Four of the most influential restaurants opened during the last couple of years are Volt, Oaxen and newly Michelin star awarded Gastrologik and Ekstedt, which sums the number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Stockholm to 8 (as well as 8 Bib Gourmands – for excellent affordable eating). Together with a few others, they’re at the forefront of the development of the regions cuisine. They explore new ground, but unpretentiously so – these are relaxed places.

Volt, run by a quartet of young chefs, offers a truly straight-forward, highly personal cuisine using produce from small artisan farms in the vicinity of Stockholm.

Restaurant Oaxen, formerly located at a remote island in the archipelago and one of the foremost restaurants Sweden has ever seen, has recently opened at Djurgårdsvarvet, a 15 minute walk from Stockholm city centre. The new venue is divided into a bistro, with a spectacular view of the Stockholm skyline, and a fine dining section.

The chefs at Gastrologik – Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr – start every week by working in their city garden, Rosendals Trädgård. This is where decisions are made what to serve in their non-menu restaurant in the city and their bistro, Speceriet.


Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr in action at Rosendals Garden

Niklas Ekstedt’s restaurant Ekstedt is ranked as one of the 10 hottest in the world referring to Zagat. At Ekstedt you will find a cuisine requiring no electricity at all. A giant fire pit dominates the kitchen with all kinds of ingredients (perhaps in the process of being chimney-smoked) hanging from hooks above the flames.


Join me on this gastronomic journey and try Swedish through this blog, or for more frequent updates, check out one of the following accounts:



Instagram: tryswedish


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