OAXEN SLIP: finally

Yesterday it was time to finally catch the tram taking you all the way from Sergel’s Square at Stockolm City centre to the island Djurgården. My final destination this evening was the wharf area called Djurgårdsvarvet, located just behind the amusement park Gröna Lund, where Magnus Ek and Agneta Green is about to open their new place called Oaxen Krog & Slip.

It has been about two years since the couple closed Oaxen Krog in the Stockholm archipelago, without a doubt one of the foremost restaurants Sweden has ever seen, and it goes without saying that the excitement and expectations for the opening of Oaxen Krog & Slip has been huge.

At Djurgårdsvarvet Magnus and Agneta have found exactly the kind of marine environment they feel comfortable in and here, on Djurgården, they can continue to further develop their philosophy and what they created over 17 years on the island Oaxen.

I parked at the bar in the Oaxen Slip yesterday which is the more casual part of the restaurant holding 76 seats including 11 at the bar. During the summer months the restaurants will feature an outdoor seating area for an equal number of guests alongside the Djurgården quay. The Oaxen Slip is Magnus and Agnetas interpretation of Swedish bistro fare and a quick look in the menu reveals uncomplicated dishes of which many are meant to be shared by two or more. Here you will find “snacks” such as oyster gratinée or new potatoes with smoked mayonnaise, or “starters” such as smoked herring with browned butter and chopped egg or Magnus in-house charcuterie.


The veal shank is recommended to be shared by 4-6 people and there is both grilled leg of king crab and pulled pork sandwich to choose as main course, accompanied by something from the long list of side orders to choose from.  “Eton mess”, Pite-Johans chocolate cake or a cake with blueberry jam, vanilla and whipped cream (to share for 2) for dessert?

Some of my favourite dishes this evening included the “snacks” of finger licking good sourdough croquettes with smoked fish to dip in a roe sauce, as well as the anchovies (not sure exactly from where) having lovely texture and big, kind of a “shellfishy”, flavour.


Sourdough croquettes with smoked fish


Oyster gratinée




Cauliflower, bacon and truffle

I can’t remember that I have ever had decent crab cakes and to be honest I was surprised, but happy, to find the starter of crab cakes with sesame seeds, coriander, cream of beans and fennel in the menu. Lovely little crispy cakes with moist and juicy crab meat inside, and I very much enjoyed it with Magnus BBQ-sauce served on the side adding just the right amount of heat to the dish.


Crab cakes


Veal carpaccio with mussels and fried onion rings

I had the glazed ox ribs as main course, a big but not to big portion, having tender and juicy meat and was recommended to try the fried Jerusalem artichokes with smoked mayonnaise to go with it. A very nice suggestion indeed!


Ox ribs

I’m not a fan of big and sweet dessert which seems to be a red line in the dessert menu, yet I was eager to try one. And the 3-4 mouthfuls of warm, straight out of the oven, muffin with vanilla cream, whipped cream and strawberry jam was a portion just big enough to finish of my meal. Nice!


Im sure the Oaxen Slip will be packed full of people each and every single night as from now on. Actually, Im already trying to find a table to come back and just imagine how beautiful life will be when they open their outdoor seating area, enjoying a gin & tonic with breathtaking views over Stockholm City.


Oaxen Slip
Beckholmsvägen 26
115 21 Stockholm
+46(0)8 551 531 05




More photos from my evening at Oaxen Slip can be found here!



  1. For sure – magnificant! I was happy to be invited to the ”dress rehearsal” 24/4 and what a show it was! New tables booked, new friends to be saved by the best food in Sweden and the world!/Magnus

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