OAXEN KROG & SLIP: opening soon

The summer of 2011 was the last summer on the island of Oaxen for the acclaimed Swedish restaurateur couple Magnus Ek and Agneta Green. Five consecutive years on the list of the “Worlds 50 Best Restaurants” as well as receiving countless awards in Sweden made Oaxen Krog one of the foremost restaurants in Sweden, despite its out-of-the-way location far out in the Stockholm archipelago.

Now you don’t have to wait much longer to meet with Magnus and Agneta again. In May they will open up their new place called Oaxen Krog & Slip, and even this time it is going to happen on an island; the wharf area (Djurgårdsvarvet) on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm, just behind the amusement park Gröna Lund.


Photographer : Magnus Ek


Photographer : Magnus Ek

Djurgårdsvarvet offers exactly the kind of marine environment we feel comfortable in”, Agneta Green says and continues “here on the island of Djurgården we can continue to further develop our philosophy and what we have created over 17 years on the island Oaxen”.

The restaurant will seat 30 in the dining room and another 70 in the more casual part of the restaurant. During the summer months the restaurant will feature an outdoor seating area for an equal number of guests alongside the Djurgården quay. Prince van Orangiën will remain in operation as a hotel.


Photographer : Magnus Ek

If you are impatient to have a taste of what to expect on the Oaxen Krog & Slip, visit Magnus and Agnetas small meat shop Oaxen Skafferi at Mariatorget in Stockholm, where they specialize in charcuterie and offer more than 30 dried meats – all prepared in-house.


Magnus Ek in action at Oaxen Skafferi


Charcuterie & take-away lunch from Oaxen Skafferi

Oaxen Krog & Slip is set to open in early May.


Oaxen Krog & Slip
Beckholmsvägen 4, Djurgården, Stockholm



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