White Guide 2013: the winners

Sweden´s leading restaurant guide White Guide announced the best restaurants in Sweden during a gala in Stockholm yesterday.

Here are some of the winners.

Best Restaurant
Esperanto, Stockholm (Chef Sayan Isaksson)

Best Dining Experience
Daniel Berlin Krog, Skåne Tranås (Chef Daniel Berlin)

Best Service
Esperanto, Stockholm

Best Wine Experience
19 Glas, Stockholm

”Worth a trip”
Krakas Krog, Katthammarsvik

The Best Restaurants in Sweden 2013

1. Esperanto, Stockholm

2. Frantzén/Lindeberg, Stockholm

3. Fäviken Magasinet, Järpen
Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen, Stockholm

5. Daniel Berlin Krog, Skåne Tranås
Gastrologik, Stockholm

7. Operakällaren, Stockholm

8. F12 Restaurant, Stockholm

9. Kock & Vin, Göteborg

10. Lux Stockholm, Stockholm

11. Hotell Borgholm, Borgholm

12. Gastro, Helsingborg

13. PM & Vänner, Växjö

14. Ekstedt, Stockholm
Thörnströms Kök, Göteborg

The complete list of winners can be found here.

For the seventh year running, White Guide proudly presented the White Guide Global Gastronomy Award. The distinction is given to a creative chef of international renown or other gastronomic personality, who is still active and who has become an example and inspiration within contemporary gastronomy.

White Guide Global Gastronomy Award winner 2013: Gastón Acurio, Astrid y Gastón and La Mar, Lima, Peru


Chef Gastón Acurio

“For having developed a rich and forward-looking local gastronomy – la Cocina Novoandina – which obtains traditional and new ingredients from the depths of the Pacific, the heights of the Andes, and the jungles of the Amazon, with a potential to solve many of our health and food provision issues, as well as for his great involvement in the catering training of  poor South American youngsters.”


Whether you are a ‘foodie’ or not, the White Guide is an invaluable guide and point of reference if you are travelling around Sweden and want to sample the best food the country has to offer. Luckily and democratically, the White Guide gives as much weight to the restaurants in Sweden’s regions and provinces as it does the restaurants of the major cities and towns.


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