Restaurant Farang: exciting

The Finnish trio of Kim Öhman, Tomi Björck and Matti Wikberg has finally opened the doors to Restaurant Farang in Stockholm. Tomi and Matti opened the first Farang in Helsinki back in 2009 and the restaurant has been nothing but a huge success and was recently voted as the best restaurant in Finland by Viisi Tähteä.


Farangs main dining room is located on the ground floor of an old industrial hall on Tulegatan, and here you are invited to take on a culinary journey through Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Their aim is to serve authentic Asian flavours using the best ingredients and modern cooking techniques.

My experience with this cuisine is limited but I went here the other week to try a few dishes and listen to the Chefs explaining their concept. I found several reasons to come back and learn more.


Mussels in red Nahm Jim sauce – hot, sour, sweet and salty flavours in good balance.


Cha Plu leaf with smoked salmon, roasted peanuts and trout roe – light and fresh flavours combining soft and crisp textures.


Soft-shell crab with mango salad – I believe these can be a bit greasy to eat in some restaurants, but this was not the case here where I had soft-shell crab being perfectly crunchy with tender and juicy meat inside.


Crispy pork with palmsugar caramel – this was finger licking good, and its quite easy to understand its one of the signature dishes at Farang.


”HOLA HOLA 5” – Thai style marinated fruits with sweet peas, lime, vanilla coconut stock and a guava watermelon sorbet on top – a delightfully light dessert with an interesting mix of flavours.


Restaurant Farang

Address: Tulegatan 7, 113 53 Stockholm

Phone: +46 (8) 673 74 00



More photos from Farang? Check out my Flickr account!


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