THE FLYING ELK: by Frantzén/Lindeberg

Frantzén/Lindeberg, the two Michelin-starred restaurant in Stockholm as well as the 20th best restaurant in the world, presents their interpretation of the English pub: The Flying Elk


I have always dreamed about cooking English pub food, doing it my way” chef Björn Frantzén says. ”Together with Claes Grännsjö, who is recruited from the one Michelin starred restaurant Kock & Vin in Gothenburg, we want to create a place serving delicious food but where the atmosphere is not that stiffBjörn continues.

Andreaz Norén, who was the opening manager of Milk & Honey in London, will together with Jon Lacotte be the restaurant managers of The Flying Elk.


Photo: Beatrice Lundborg /

The dining section will hold 85 seats and face towards Mälartorget in Stockholm, at the other end of the room there will be a cocktail bar called ”The Corner Club”, and in the basement there will be a beer room. The bar menus will be a bit smaller and the beer and cocktail rooms will offer a ambitious range of drinks. With a separate entrance from Mälartorget there will also be a wine bar called Gaston.

The Flying Elk will open in early 2013.


Read more about The Flying Elk on their website.

For more news check out the The Flying Elk on Facebook and make sure that you follow Björn Frantzén on his Twitter account.

Read more about Gaston here.


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