STUREHOF: comfortable

Throughout the year I have received several emails from readers asking about my favourite places to eat in Stockholm. Well, if you are looking for a Stockholm restaurant serving good food at a good price, being elegant yet relaxed and comforting, I cannot recommend Sturehof too much.

This is a classic restaurant in Stockholm open seven days a week between 11am and 2am, with roots in both French and Swedish cuisine offering a seafood-focused menu and a superb wine list. Or perhaps you can call the restaurant a city institution – it is dating back to 1897!

At Sturehof I always find a tempting dish to eat and the restaurant is usually loud and packed full of energy with a lively atmosphere. Chef Ola Stålnacke prepares delicious food in an exquisitely simple and straightforward way and what to look out for on the menu is the assiettes assorties including Sturehof herring, prawns in mayonnaise and Gubbröra (an anchovy and egg mix), fried Baltic herring with browned butter, soured pork sausage or the daily selection of Swedish traditional fare that dates back to the restaurants early days.

Assiettes assorties

Assiettes assorties

Or why not enjoy some vendace roe, served traditionally with toast, red onion and crème fraiche followed by a beautiful piece of turbot (on the bone), served grilled or poached with fried spinach and beurre blanc sauce? This is comfort food at its best.

Vendace roe

Pike-perch, fried onion rings & anchovy white wine sauce

Grilled ”steak tartare”

Veal sausage, cabbage & sweetbread

Cloudberry cheescake

Old traditions are held high at Sturehof and if you are lucky to be in town any of the following dates you should definitely not miss:

The Crayfish party
– second Thursday in August
A crayfish party is a traditional summertime eating and drinking celebration in the Nordic countries. This party is held at Sturehof the same evening as the traditional crayfish première takes place in Sweden. Lots of fun is promised!

Fermented herring
– third Thursday in August
For obvious reasons this takes place at the Sturehof terrace, where you eat fermented herring and drink schnapps accompanied by accordion and vocals.

Shellfish Days
– autumn
As the water become cold enough after summer to fish in our latitudes, Sturehof invites you to the premiere of Swedish lobsters that are always the first Monday after the 20th September. In connection to this the restaurant celebrates with a great selection of seafood from both Sweden and neighbouring countries.

One of Stockholm’s widest wine lists can be found here with over 600 different wines to choose from and around 40 of them served by the glass. Sturehof’s Head Sommelier Jonas Sandberg will happily recommend you everything from a simple table wine to some of the most demanded bottles. One of the most memorable nights at Sturehof this year was Burgundy-themed when Jonas served some of the most spectacular Burgundy wines I have ever had.

Sturehof is also a stage for art exhibitions, concerts and artist performances. For example can works of Ernst Billgren, regarded as one of Sweden’s most significant and innovative artists, be found here. In 1995 the restaurant experienced a change of ownership and the Scandinavian designer Jonas Bohlin was hired as artistic director in order to restore Sturehof´s former glory. Since then the restaurant has been praised for its classic Swedish “brasserie” environment.  And it surely is beautiful.

Spend some time at this restaurant if you are visiting Stockholm.



Adress: Stureplan 2,  114 46 Stockholm

Phone: +46 (0)8-440 57 30



More photos from my visits at Sturehof can be found here


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