Klas Lindberg @ The Cube

The Swedish champion in professional cooking 2012*, Klas Lindberg, invited me to Electrolux headquarters last weekend to try his menu that is to be presented to guests who visits The Cube in Stockholm during July.

Klas Lindberg has to be one of the most humble chefs I have ever met and I enjoyed listening to him talk about his background and training at well-reputed PM & Vänner in Växjö and with Alain Passard at L’Arpége in Paris. Klas had just arrived back home from a 10-day inspiring trip to Tokyo and his stories about the restaurants there confirmed that this is the food journey to do.

I would describe Klas food as very well planned with a simple set up, strong on taste and I liked the way he let each and every ingredient shine on the plate.

To mention some of the great food we had this evening I was amazed by the new potatoes dish with vendace roe; simple ingredients, very well balanced and maximum flavor. Bread was served warm and fresh right out of the oven, almost reminding of a Tarte Flambée, with sweet onions and a lovely onion butter. The beef served with the most amazing smoked bone marrow butter is a memorable dish even though it could have been better using a higher quality piece of beef. As for desserts, I very much enjoyed eating the salt meringue ice cream with crumbles and raspberries and the super thin cardamom tartelettes with strawberries was, yet again, very simple and tasted delicious.

It goes without saying that guests who are visiting The Cube when Klas Lindberg is hosting will be up for an amazing evening with lovely food and wine.




”Tarte flambée”


New potatoes




Ice Cream

Chefs Table

Strawberry Tartelettes


To book a unique dining experience in The Cube by Electrolux at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm call +46 709 384 863 or email cubestockholm@electroluxmail.com


* The Swedish Championship in Professional Cooking is Sweden’s most prominent and renowned competition for professional chefs. The annual championship was founded in 1983, and has attracted chefs from the whole country ever since.


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